Dental Services

At Excellence in Dentistry, situated in Melbourne city CBD, Dr Richard Abicair and his team are committed to providing you with excellent dental services. At Excellence in Dentistry, these services include:


We aim to look after your health and well being with superior comfort and care. At Excellence in Dentistry, we use only the latest technologies, quality materials and equipment.

Dr Richard Abicair and his team will offer you a refreshingly new experience when it comes to your dental health and dental treatment needs, especially when it comes to restoring teeth with dental implants, brightening your smile with cosmetic dentistry solutions and straightening your teeth or fixing chipped teeth with porcelain veneers.

We even have dedicated dental hygienists to care for your gums and help you keep your teeth for life. In addition to traditional dental services, we can also offer solutions to stop snoring and treat the dangerous condition known as Sleep Apnea.