Crowns are usually the recommended treatment where the major part of the natural tooth has been lost or filled. A crown is a tooth shaped restoration that is precisely constructed to cover the prepared tooth to strengthen the tooth and restore it to its original form.

With crowns, improvements can be made to the shape and colour of teeth so it looks and feels like a natural tooth and in many cases the shape of a tooth can be modified to improve its appearance. We use a variety of materials to construct crowns the most common being porcelain or a combination of porcelain and gold alloys. The porcelain is then hand-shaded to get a tooth that blends with your smile and looks naturally beautiful.

Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. There are several types, and the choice depends on the particular circumstances present. Bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support. They are usually a combination of crowns on adjacent teeth supporting a pontic which is a tooth that has been made to restore the space of the missing tooth and look, feel and function just like a normal tooth.

You will require 3 appointments for either of these procedures:

  1. A short 15 minute appointment to take any necessary x-rays, vitality tests and impressions for study models that may be required. A special custom made- tray will be made for the next appointment.

  2. This appointment will be longer and more involved. You will be given a local anaesthetic, and we shall prepare and shape the tooth or teeth. We then take an impression and send it to the laboratory for your porcelain crown or bridge to be hand crafted. We will construct a temporary acrylic crown or bridge for you to wear until you have the final restoration inserted.

  3. This appointment will be shorter and you will receive your new crown or bridge. We remove the temporary one, try in the new crown or bridge, and check the fit, your bite and shade. When you are completely happy with the result we will permanently cement your new crown or bridge in place.